Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Play Pinball during xp install

Ever wanted to play 'Minesweeper', 'Pinball', or more when installing Windows Xp or Windows Vista? One group of members on a forum, did just that, and started the 'THE $100 XP TRICK', where the winner would get $100 for being able to prove and expalin how they had got 'Pinball' to work (be playable) during a clean install of Windows XP.

You just have to wait until the right moment the pinball files are copied. Sometime after where it asks you for the product key and a question or two after that, where it says 'copying files'.

SHIFT-F10 for command prompt (during GUI xp setup)
cd \
cd "Program Files"
cd "Windows NT"
cd Pinball

(make sure all the files are there before you try :) they will get there eventually :))

UPDATE: Any file can be executed using the above trick.

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